This blog will be going on indefinite hiatus until I feel like coming back. I am not abandoning Derek - I will have another blog to play him, but it will be private and it will be prose. It isn’t beyond my notice that most people aren’t interested in committing to anything beyond ships, instant gratification by way of icon/gif chats, and one liners (or further more, never actually rping anything out, just saying things happen or did happen or will happen). 

You roleplay how you roleplay, for whatever reasons you have. That’s fine. Me? I roleplay to write. To explore the character. I build my muse and to do build my abilities as a writer because that is what I love. I may be borrowing characters from other canon but I put as much effort into world building and character building as I do with my original characters. I realize it isn’t fair to expect the same from everyone - so I’m not.

I don’t. My expectations are now null and void. I expected you would read my rules but most of you didn’t. I expected you understood what it means in my rules when I say I am mainly prose. I was wrong to expect these things of you. I may reach out to you on my new prose account but only if I know you want to write, that you are in some way committed and invested. Otherwise, I’ll come back here when I stop feeling let down by the roleplay community for having standards. Do I sound bitter?

I’m just fucking exhausted. I have felt discouraged and it’s a pain in the ass because I love Derek and I want to write for him. So, you’re all great, okay? I mean, don’t think that I believe otherwise. But what you want and what I want — it isn’t matching up. And I don’t want to put unfair expectations on you. Thank you.


Please watch- Disabled artist trying to send numerous (20+) pieces of traditional artwork to Teen Wolf cast. 

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So, to be honest, I’ve been busy with school but also with other accounts where people have actually made an effort to get to know me and have been very welcoming and lovely. There are, of course, a handful of you who have kept up communication while I haven’t been on this blog, but frankly, the rest of you probably don’t even know my name and I genuinely feel under appreciated as a person, not as a roleplayer, but as a human being, and so — I don’t know.

I’m not leaving this blog dead in the water, I’ve worked too fucking hard for that. But I still have a load of school stuff coming up and since 99% of you couldn’t be bothered to send me an ask or add me on kik or even indicate that you know I exist, I might just stop coming on Derek until things settle down. I assume that will be after Teen Wolf ends for the season in which case we will see whose still interested in writing with me, if anyone. I’m also a bit put off at the amount of attention other Derek blogs receive, praise and love and encouragement and did you know, since last summer, I’ve never gotten anything like that?


Denzo + Quotes

Look at this adorable were-rabbit.

Gives You Hell
The All-American Rejects

I want your blood, I want your soul
I want them both right now

which would make derek and allison related. oops, and kate.
au where the argent dude in motel california who was bitten didn’t die with a bullet in his mouth, at least not before he contributed to a child who was born fully human and never knew anything about their father or his family and grew up and later met and fell in love with a woman named talia who happened to be a werewolf. they had several children, notably laura, derek and cora.


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